Sylvan Fence is now bringing our superior products and high-quality service to Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia! 

Sylvan Fence specializes in building fences for homeowners to enclose their yard and keep children, pets, and property safe, as well as for pool owners who want to secure their investment and satisfy local building codes.

We offer aluminum, wooden split rail and vinyl (PVC) fencing with a variety of different styles, colors and accents, so you can customize your fence to enhance the natural beauty of your backyard. Each material has its own personality, so whether you’re inclined toward the natural beauty of wood fencing, the low-maintenance of PVC fencing, or the lifelong durability of aluminum fencing, you’re sure to get what you need from the fence you want. 

Plus, Sylvan Fence is backed by more than 67 years of experience serving various communities. That means not only do we guarantee to provide long-term service with our comprehensive warranty, but we’re also familiar with all kinds of building codes and regulations – so we can start building your fence fast.  Typically your fence will be installed within two weeks of ordering, depending upon the weather and your schedule so you won’t have to wait long to admire your property’s new look.

Sylvan Fence’s longevity is a product of our professionalism and commitment to top-quality service and installation at reasonable prices – which we’re excited to now bring to the Washington, D.C. area!

Contact us today to get a quote, and you’ll be able to tell immediately that Sylvan Fence is the best company to protect your home and your pool.